Wednesday, April 21, 2010

AE86 part 1

Hello internet land. The S15 is on a go slow since I've mostly been adding and correcting little details all over it. The file has been getting pretty heavy too with suspension and all sorts of stuff. Anyways, it's still coming along but there's not much of it that I want to show at the moment. :) Stay tuned!

Project AE86
Sooo I wanted to do a sort of a personal challenge. So I picked a Toyota Trueno AE86 as the subject. I've been working on the AE86 for a few days now.

I managed to knock out the basic shape in just 2 nights (roughly one day's worth of work).

So far I've been working on the car for about a week. Just did a test render of the tires last night. Real texturing will follow once the modeling is done.

Going to UV unwrap everything and try my hand at some decent texturing once I'm happy with all the exterior details.

I need to get some more done on the S15 too, so I'm off once again.

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